Peter Graham – Keynote speaker on Retirement

Peter Graham is a renowned keynote speaker who specialises in the topic of retirement. His unique philosophy revolves around redefining the conventional approach to retirement.

By encouraging individuals to reimagine their retirement and take actionable steps towards their goals, he believes that a fulfilling and exciting future awaits them.

With a mission to shift the narrative around retirement from one of fear and uncertainty to hope, excitement, and optimism, Peter Graham aims to empower individuals to take control of their retirement journey. He advocates for a personalised approach to retirement planning, emphasising that one’s retirement should be shaped by their own desires and aspirations, rather than conforming to external pressures or traditional norms.

Through his empowering message, Peter Graham inspires individuals to envision a retirement that aligns with their values and dreams. By challenging the status quo and promoting a mindset of self-determination and positivity, he encourages people to embrace the possibilities that retirement can offer and to approach this life stage with confidence and enthusiasm.

For some people, retirement is a time to do nothing.  It is….until they realise it’s not..

Retirement is not about money

Peter’s unique approach to retirement planning goes beyond just financial advice; he delves into the lifestyle aspects that are often overlooked in traditional retirement planning discussions. He doesn’t focus on the monetary side of retirement, but the emotional, social, and personal fulfillment aspects, Peter provides a comprehensive view of what retirement truly means.

Whether it’s through an engaging stage presentation, a conference keynote, or a virtual seminar, Peter’s goal is to inspire individuals and businesses to think differently about retirement. By sharing his insights and expertise, he encourages audiences to reimagine their post-career years as a time for growth, fulfillment, and new possibilities. Peter’s blend of practical advice and motivational storytelling can help your employees or clients prepare not just financially, but holistically, for the next chapter of their lives.

Peter D Graham
Keynote speaker on Retirement
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Contact Peter

Invite Peter to speak at your next event and let his passion for empowering individuals to embrace retirement as a time of opportunity and growth ignite a spark within your organisation. With his guidance, your business can learn how to achieve the impossible when it comes to planning for a fulfilling and rewarding retirement lifestyle.

Presentation costs:

1. Personal advice / coaching – $400 per hour.
2. Corporate presentations (smaller groups) – $1,000 per hour.
3. Keynote presentations (in-person) – $5,000.
4. Keynote presentations (virtual) – $4,000.
5. Annual coaching agreement – $10,000.
6. Three-hour workshops – $4000.
7. Half-day session – $6,000.
8. Full-day event – $9,000.
9. One- day retreat – depending on your needs.
10. Three- day retreats – depending on your needs.

Please note: GST not included.

Special note:
1. Travel expenses – by negotiation.
2. No presentations or advice to be given for free.

“ friend Peter Graham spoke in front of 10,000 of the world’s best financial advisers in Miami and delivered one of the most emotional speeches in the 82 -year history of the MDRT. There was silence in the auditorium as he spoke, then in unison, thousands were in tears. It was an amazingly moving experience from a man who poured his heart out and taught us straight up and reminded us of the importance and the power of what we do as advisers. Thank you Peter Graham.” – Terry Johnson

How long would you like your retirement journey to be?

80 Years?

How long do you expect to live?

6,840 Waking hours per year

How are you going to spend this time?


Average Monthly Government Pension

Redefining Retirement wants to help you establish reasonable and optimistic expectations of your retirement experience looking  at key factors that can help you reach your goals.

Physical Fitness
Mental Health

Take our short survey and get a personal analysis as well as a link to the full Retirement Checklist.

When planning for your retirement, the first step is to think about your desired retirement lifestyle.

Many Australians are living longer due to improvements in medical care and living standards.

I could live until I’m 90. How do I spend the next 11,000 days?

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